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  • Christina Ritchie

Your spiritual journey awaits

Are you hungry and thirsty for a new life, a new you and a new way? Are you ready to step out on a limb and dare to do the things you have only dared to do 'til now?

If you answered yes, then I am here to help you do just that.

Finding the Balance Point

Way back in 2004 I had an incredible experience that shifted me into a new consciousness and I haven't looked back. Spirit gifted me with a Frequency that we now call LUXOR Light Ascension and I was to embark upon my Soul's Purpose and my Life's new journey of not only my own continual awakenings, but assisting others to do the same!

"It felt like I had been plugged into an electric power socket and my body began to quake like as if in a massive fit-like state"

It wasn't long before I realised that Spirit was working through me. I could feel my body become electric and like a volcanic explosion. My body would convulse daily until I fully ascended to the degrees I needed to carry out my Souls Mission, anchoring my Higher Self and purpose on Earth.

The Birthing of the Ascension Program

My life changed immediately and my dedication to understanding what was happening to me was the only thing on my mind. I studied my self, I studied my students, I shared and experienced and shared some more and experienced some more. I traversed long dark nights of the #soul thrust into gaining understanding of the wisdom teachings that were flowing through me. #Spirit gave me gift after gift after gift for the strength and bravery that I showed in facing whatever was thrown at me on my path to Mastery.

To take others to Mastery, one must have traversed the path themselves.

One day at a time, one soul clue at a time, Spirit guided me every step of the way to develop a program that would enable me to transfer these most Divine of Energies to others, so they too, could #Awaken and embody their Higher Self and begin their Mission of the Soul.

In the midst of the Chaos comes a point of no return. The Turning Point, a Choice Point to Stillness, to Harmony, to becoming all that you can Be .......

Join me now.......

ChristinA Ritchie - Soul Coach

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